The perfect web app for DJs and Live Bands!


JukeTune,The perfect tool for DJs and Live Bands

JukeTune is designed with simplicity in mind. Clients can scroll or search through the song catalog that you have uploaded for the event. Once they click on a song your Queue tab automatically shows what they requested.

What you will need

Two or more devices connected to the internet. (i.e. Smartphone and iPad. Use phone Hotspot for iPad internet connection)


You control what songs your clients can see and request.


Get reports for every event, songs requested, played, ignored

Prep Work

Sign UP

Go to Sign UP page and create a new account.

Sign IN

Once you have a JukeTune account you can log in on the admin page of the app by going to

Song Management

On the Add Song tab, you can enter all the songs that you'd like to be available for request. You only have to do this once, everything will be saved on your account. On the Home tab, you can delete or edit songs.

Event Setup

Admin Page

Log in on the admin page of JukeTune on device 1 (i.e. smartphone) On the Events tab, enter a name for the event. It can be your client's name or venue where you are playing the gig. Then go to Queue tab.

Client Page

Log in on the client side of JukeTune on device 2 (i.e. iPad) . That's it!

Use the App and make more sales.

Place the iPad on a stand facing the guests and watch the Queue tab on your smartphone as it fills up with their requests. Make sure to put some of your business cards on that same stand so everyone can remember how awesome your band is!

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